Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy and Avoid Spreading the Flu


While mass clinics have passed, flu shots are still available from participating pharmacies and at IHA Health Centres.

To make an appointment for injection with a Public Health Nurse, please contact one of these Health Centres:

Trail – 250.364.6219
Castlegar – 250.365.4310
Nelson – 250.505.7200

In order to keep all germs away from others these are simple steps to follow:

  • stay home when sick to keep from spreading
  • avoid touching face/nose/eyes
  • use your forearm to cover your mouth when coughing/sneezing
  • wash hands often
  • use the purell sanitizer stations located throughout all campuses.

Thank you for your attention.

For any further questions on this message you can contact Campus Management, Holly Shively.