Selkirk Student Wins BC Skills Gold

Impressive Performance in Vanvouver a Product of Passion


Amber Beckjord put an exclamation mark on her bright future last week when the 17-year-old Selkirk College student captured a gold medal at the BC Skills Competition in Hairdressing.

Cutting and styling against 30 of the most talented hairdressing students in the province, Beckjord turned enough heads in Vancouver to bring home the top prize.

“I was confident, but I was still surprised when they called my name,” says Beckjord. “But it was a good surprise.”

Hairdressing student wins gold

Amber Beckjord is back in Nelson now and has some hardware to hang from her mirror at the Selkirk College Hair Salon.

The annual Skills BC Competition is part of the Skills Canada program, a proactive non-profit organization that partners with government, educators, private industry and labour to promote and celebrate the skilled trades and technologies as first choice career opportunities for young people across the province. The competition features contests in dozens of disciplines from 3D computer animation to electrical wiring to car painting.

In the hairdressing competition, Beckjord was tasked with coming up with three different styles—day style, night style and men’s progressive—in what was a grueling eight-hour day. In the end, the Winlaw resident was recognized for her creativity, technique and polished final product.

“I’ve had lots of students win at the skills competition and I would say she is the best of the best,” says Bonnie Piderman, the Selkirk College Hairdressing instructor for the last 29 years. “It’s about dedication and passion… she has both of those and I am very proud of her.”

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