New 2015 College Viewbook Now Available

Letting the World Know Why Selkirk is So Special


The Marketing Department is pleased to announce the new Selkirk College Viewbook. As our primary piece of recruitment collateral given out to potential students, the Viewbook is used to showcase all programs, give students an overview of what it's like to be a Selkirk student and help aid in both the decision making and application processes.

In addition to valuable program and service information, one of the main pieces we've focused on is student and staff stories. We hope you enjoy your read and participate in our fun Viewbook contest below.

Viewbook Released

Viewbook Contest 

Answer the following questions and you will be entered to win one of three prizes.

  • 2 tickets to Gala
  • Selkirk Saints hoodie
  • Selkirk Swag Bag (includes water bottle, coffee tumbler, and a handmade Selkirk key chain).

1. What page can you find a picture of our gold medal Selkirk Saint?

2. How many stories (student and staff) can you find in the viewbook?

3. Which student captured gold at the BC Skills Competition in Hairdressing?

Send your answers to to be entered in the draw. Deadline to enter is October 17th.

The Marketing Department will not be distributing print copies of the Viewbook to all mailboxes this year, but you can view it (and share it) online. If you would like to have print copies to distribute please contact Byers.


For more information on Selkirk College Marketing & Recruitment contact Marketing Manager Maggie Keczan.