Mir Lecture Series Presents Author Lawrence Hill

Canadian Author Explores Oppression in Canada's History


Award winning and internationally renowned author Lawrence Hill doesn’t shy away from the darker truths of Canadian history. His widely acclaimed novel The Book of Negroes is case in point.

“When I toured The Book of Negroes, often I met with stupefaction because Canadians just didn’t know about this history,” says Hill. “Canadians were more likely to know more something about Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King or the US Civil War than they were to know about the history of slavery in our own country. I think we battle up against this notion that we in Canada are somehow morally superior to the Americans, which is a dangerous way to think because it prevents from really knowing who we are.”

Selkirk College will welcome Hill to Nelson’s Mary Hall on the Tenth Street Campus for a Mir Centre for Peace Lecture Series on Friday, November 7. He will be speaking about his latest non-fiction book Blood: The Stuff of Life, engaging those in attendance in a lively discussion and going back into our nation’s less traveled history.

“If you truly explore our histories, Canada’s history is just as sordid and painful and full of oppression as is American history,” he says.

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