Manulife Glitch Sorted Out

Security Issue Dealt With; Instances of Trouble Rare


For all staff members who are part of the Manulife Group Benefits and deal with their claims online, the below is an important notice from Selkirk College’s Pensions & Benefits Officer Michele Laurin.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a security issue that was identified within the online claims submission function on the Manulife Group Benefits member website. It was discovered that, in very rare and specific instances, certain members may have been able to briefly view information about claims submitted by other Manulife plan members.

We are pleased to report that Manulife has responded promptly to the issue and put in place an interim solution that solves the security issue at hand, prevents any impact to additional members, and allows the online claims submission function on the member website to continue operating for our members. Manulife has confirmed that this issue has not affected the processing of any claims that have been submitted online.

Manulife Glitch Sorted Out

As an extra measure taken by Manulife to guard against the security risk in question, the interim solution being deployed will produce a very minor impact to the online experience for plan members who have submitted a claim online. Manulife has temporarily disabled the 'Print' button that is typically accessible for members to print their statement after they have submitted their claim online. However, members will still be able to print their statement using their browser's print functionality, and/or access a PDF copy of their claim statement via the claim history section of the website.

In the meantime, Manulife continues to work diligently to resolve the root cause of the security issue with a permanent solution that will fully restore the online member experience.

We have received assurance from Manulife that they recognize the severity of this issue and are committed to preserving the privacy of our members' information. Manulife believes that very few members were impacted by this issue, and is currently working to confirm the identity of those plan members. As part of the resolution process, Manulife is committed to informing these individuals of the situation and reassuring them of the safeguards in place to protect their personal information. Members who do not receive additional communication from Manulife can be confident that they have not been impacted by this issue.

Should you have any questions pertaining to this issue please contact the Manulife BC Post Secondary dedicated service line directly at 1.800.575.2200.


For questions regarding Selkirk's pension and benefits please contact Michele Laurin.