Lama Losang Samten Set to Share Experience

Selkirk College One of Three Sponsors of Visit


The warmth and beauty of the West Kootenay made a lasting impression on Lama Losang Samten when he visited last summer and now the venerable Buddhist Tibetan scholar, spiritual leader and artist says he’s looking forward to his return.

Samten traveled to the East Shore’s Yasodhara Ashram to lead a Buddhist Meditation Retreat in 2013. Stopping in Nelson on his way home, Samten was taken with the small waterfront community.

Lama Losang Samten

One of the highlights of Lama Losang Samten’s visit to the region next month will be his creation of a compassion sand mandala at Nelson’s Shambhala Centre (812 Stanley Street). Samten is world renowned in the ancient Tibetan Buddhist art form.

“I enjoyed visiting Nelson, it’s a place I would love to spend a couple of years,” says Samten. “It’s a wonderful, lovely town. It’s an open-minded and laid back place where people enjoy their lives.”

Samten returns to the Yasodhara Ashram on September 12-14 to lead another retreat, but this time he is spending more time in the area. Before and after the Yasodhara retreat, Samten will share his perspectives and life experience with the Nelson community. Two highlights of Samten’s visit include the construction of a sand mandala at Nelson’s Shambhala Centre and a Selkirk College sponsored talk at the Nelson United Church.

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