KSA Ceramics Students Under Pressure

New Exhibit Puts Handbuilding and Mold Making on Display


It's been a busy few months for students in the Kootenay Studio Arts and now the crew in the Ceramics Program are going public with the pieces produced in their handbuilding and mold making project.

From now until March 18, ceramic student work will be on display in the foyer entrance of the Victoria Street Campus in an exhibit being called Under Pressure.

KSA Ceramics Exhibit one

Gnome Born Bearded by Peggy Firth is one of the peices on display. See more at a Facebook photo gallery.

"The sculptural vessels have been created in the spirit of fun and technical exploration," says KSA Ceramics Instructor Garry Graham.

The clay shapes are formed, forced through the extruder dies and squeezed into molds with Wright's "Terminator" Press.

"These elements are reshaped and bonded together in surprising, unexpected ways," says Graham. "They are enhanced with fired surfaces, colours, textures and glaze. The results are distinctive ceramic work... unique vessels with individual expressions."

KSA Ceramics Exhibit two

Army of Soliders by Shannon Merritt.

Under Pressure can be viewed between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday until March 18.


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