Janzen Returns to Mir Centre

Changes Bring New Opportunities


Randy Janzen is back in the Mir Centre for Peace chair.

Last year Janzen released his position as chair of the Mir Centre for Peace. At that time, administration took the opportunity to review and renew the programming offered at the Castlegar-based centre. Part of that review was a full day retreat with advisory committee members and an outside facilitator.

Janzen back in Mir chair

Randy Janzen is back in his role as Chair of the Mir Centre for Peace.

"The day honored the many accomplishments of the Mir Centre and all the work everyone has contributed over the past few years," says Rhonda Schmitz, the Instructional Dean for the Mir Centre. "We discussed our challenges and our many opportunities."

Ealrier this month it was announced that Janzen would return to his role as chair. 

"We have made some changes, for instance Randy will have the ability to do some work on unarmed civilian peace keeping that could very well lead to some collaborative partnerships in the future," says Schmitz. "He will also be initiating the process of hosting the Peace Justice Studies Association conference in October, 2016. Welcome back to the Mir Chair role Randy, your new visions and ideas will undoubtedly continue to create opportunities to engage with our community and region."


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