Important Adjustment Made to Travel Policy

Change Made on a Trial Basis


It has been just over six months since the new travel policy (#9400) was brought into practice and the Finance Team has had the opportunity to reflect on what has been working... and what is not working so well.

The one question most commonly asked is around why employees were only granted 75 per cent of the advance.   

Finance is required to obtain original receipts for transactions for Canada Revenue Agency and the Ministry of Advanced Education audit purposes. This process change was brought into effect because there were numerous instances where individuals were failing to reconcile their receipts upon their return. This included reimbursement from employees for over claiming estimated travel on their travel advance forms.

Travel Policy Changes

Understanding that the majority of employees are timely with reconciling their travel upon return, the Finance Department have decided that going forward, they will be amending Article 7 of Policy #9400, on a trial basis, to state "100% of the travel advance request will be paid in advance."

In order to remain compliant with Article 9 - Claim or Refund, it will be imperative that all receipts, repayments (if applicable) and reconciled travel advances be submitted to Finance within five (5) working days of the employee's return from travel.

As such, Article 7 will also be amended to state, "If an employee fails to submit receipts within five (5) working days of their return from travel, they will be subject to only 75% of the request in advance until such time as a pattern of compliance has been established."


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