Glynn Woodburn Honoured with Excellence Award

Disability Service Coordinator Recognized for Excellence


Selkirk College Disability Service Coordinator Glynn Woodburn has been recognized for her outstanding dedication to students and passion for education.

Last month the Disability Resource Network of BC presented Woodburn with the 2014 Celebrate Excellence Award for Services. The provincial organization that represents individuals who provide programs and services for individuals who have disabilities in the BC post-secondary education system, singled Woodburn out for the work she does at the three Selkirk College Nelson campuses.

Glynn Woodburn award

Glynn Woodburn has worked at Selkirk College for 12 years in her role as Disability Service Coordinator.

“It’s humbling to know that I was selected and it’s a huge honour,” says Woodburn. “I come in every day to make a difference and I love what I do. I feel I have the best job of anyone, but it’s nice to have that recognition and strive to do better.”

Pathway to Selkirk Winds Through Nursing

Woodburn came to Selkirk College 12 years ago after shifting gears in her career.

Raised in Warfield, she left home after high school graduation to train as a nurse at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria where she earned a three-year diploma. Woodburn worked in critical care nursing for 10 years before returning to school at the University of Calgary where she received her BN and continued onto a Master of Arts in Counselling. Woodburn then returned to the Kootenay where she was a public health nurse for 11 years.

Woodburn made the jump to Selkirk College because she enjoyed the personal interactions gained from the counselling aspect of nursing. In her role at the college, Woodburn works with all students who identify themselves with barriers or challenges to learning. Woodburn helps provide the tools to overcome the physical and mental barriers faced by students.

“Every student that comes through the door is unique,” she says. “Each student is an individual and I get the opportunity to see what their gifts and challenges are so we can best support that student on their education journey at Selkirk College.”

Students Provide Rewarding Experience

Woodburn works with students in all programs at the Silver King, KSA (Victoria Street) and Tenth Street campuses. She says there is tremendous reward to watching students succeed.

“The opportunities are always there for students, it’s just a matter of embracing it,” she says. “All students have hopes and dreams, a disability doesn’t define a person… it’s just a little piece of who they are and we look at what we can do to ensure success.”

Selkirk College Student Access and Support department head Randall Cannon says the award is well deserved.

“We’re thrilled that Glynn is being recognized for her long-term service contribution,” says Cannon. “Glynn brings a unique perspective to her work. Not only is she well versed in disability services issues, but as a registered nurse and Certified Canadian Counsellor her depth of knowledge gives her a broad, dynamic scope of ability that has proven to be invaluable in supporting students. Glynn’s dedication to her students’ success and to working with colleagues to create appropriate learning plans is truly exemplary and we are grateful to have her expertise.”

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