Forestry Technology Program Selling Firewood

Now's Your Opportunity to Heat Your Home and Help Students


If you are looking to stock up on firewood for the upcoming winter, the students in the Selkirk College Forest Technology Program have your answer.

As part of the group’s fundraising efforts for a coastal field trip this coming March, students have started to buck and split a truckload of firewood on the Castlegar Campus.

Forestry fundraiser

Mostly Douglas Fir, Kalesnikoff Lumber has donated a truckload of logs for the effort. The price for the split firewood is $200 per cord or $250 if delivered.

Every March the class heads west for an opportunity to experience coastal eco-systems, coastal operations, First Nations forestry, and other topics connected to coastal forestry. A big thanks goes out to Kalesnikoff Lumber for their ongoing support of this effort.

You can support the program—and keep your house cozy—by calling Adam Angevaare at 250.814.9516.


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