Feedback is Always Welcomed and Encouraged

College's Feedback and Development Program Planning Workshops


We are all so fortunate to work at a place where feedback is not only welcomed, it's encouraged. Starting in the fall, the HR department is offering an opportunity for you to engage.

Are you interested in discussing your current job, future career, enhancing your skills, developing your abilities? Do you know the College has a voluntary Feedback and Development Program (FAD)?

FAD sessions for HR

The FAD is part of the ongoing communication which occurs between supervisor and employee throughout the year, in support of accomplishing employee goals and the strategic objectives of the College.

The process includes clarifying expectations, identifying goals, setting objectives, providing feedback, and reviewing results. In addition, the FAD allows the College employees to ensure they have the skills to succeed both in their present position a potential future opportunities.

If you are interested in attending a FAD workshop please contact Arleen Gallo directly at or 250.365.1296. Workshops will be set up starting in the fall, depending on numbers of participants.


For further information on the FAD program contact Arleen Gallo.