Dr. Delia Roberts Launches New Citation Program

Providing the Tools to Create a Safe and Healthy Workplace


A safe and healthy workplace is a reality within reach of every organization regardless of its size and Selkirk College biology instructor Dr. Delia Roberts is getting set to share her knowledge on how it can be achieved.

Starting this fall, Selkirk College will be offering a citation in Integrated Worksite Health & Safety which provides an opportunity for organizations to inject a new level of wellness, prevent injuries and create a more productive workplace. Under the expert guidance of Roberts, the online courses will enable participants to take control of an issue that costs millions of dollars each year.

Delia Roberts new program

Selkirk College biology instructor Dr. Delia Roberts as developed a train the trainer program that takes aim at a safe and healthy workplace.

“I feel very lucky to be in a position where I can share this knowledge and these tools,” Roberts says of the new program that aims to train the trainer. “I see myself as a translator. I’m taking the knowledge base that exists in sports science and translating it into a language that fits inside of a workplace. These are proven tools in a new application.”

The program consists of three online modules: An Introduction to Integrated Worksite Health and Safety, Introduction to Nutrition Science for the Workplace and An Introduction to Movement Science for Worksite Health and Safety.

The course is designed to be a manageable workload for someone who is fully employed, requiring six to eight hours a week including homework time. Each week will consist of an assigned reading with a set of questions to direct the learning, followed by an online forum with all participants and a mediated discussion led by Roberts. In addition, the assignments within each module direct the learner to identify the key elements specific to their workplace and build an integrated health and safety program for their own organization. Each module will take 12 weeks to complete.

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