Co-Op Students Take On Graveyard Project

Graveyard Revitalization Tasks Students with GPS Precision


Using the most modern tools available, the Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre (SGRC) has helped restore a hallowed historical site in Ootischenia.

As part of the Ootischenia Doukhobor Cemetery’s  two-year restoration project, the Selkirk College-based research centre was contacted earlier this year to help with the tricky task of ensuring grave markers were returned to the proper resting place after significant landscaping was completed. Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, a pair of Selkirk College co-op students completed the important project last month.

Doukhobor Graveyard Project

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, Selkirk College co-op student Barry McLane completed an important mapping project at the Ootischenia Doukhobor Cemetery earlier this summer.

“They did a wonderful job and we are happy to have worked with Selkirk College on this project,” says Peter Zaytsoff, chairperson of the graveyard committee that also included Larry Stoochnoff and Peter Kazakoff.

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