Charting the Course for a Great Year

Annual Leaders Day Focuses on Exceptional Service


Forty-four supervisors and other frontline staff gathered at the Mir Centre for Peace on August 25. Working in groups within and across programs and campuses, participants donned a student’s perspective to document how we can offer even more exceptional service to students.

Leaders Day One

Particpants in the one-day seminar gathered outside the Mir Centre for a group shot.

The mission of the College is to inspire, transform, and serve learners and communities. Among the priority elements of our strategic, education and student services plans is our pillar of “Focus on the Learner.” Leaders Day 2014 focused on exploring and discussing the meaning of “Exceptional Service.”

Leaders Day Two

Keeping with the nautical theme, Selkirk Registrar Cathy Mercer was one of the presenters on the day.

The group focussed on relevant student challenges such as motivation, sense of belonging, and expectations related to quality education and looked at creating staff-led solutions to increasing exceptional service. The day ended with brainstorm session of ideas and pilot projects for 2014-15 such as an internal communications strategy, first contact-best contact and student ambassadors.  Possible approaches were prioritized and will be considered for a short-list of follow-up projects over the next few years.

Leaders Day Three

Group discussion and presentation helped fuel the final results and provide a direction for the future.

Past Leaders Day topics have included: Leadership Development (2009), Communication for Value (2010), Conflict Resolution (August, 2011), Workplace Safety/Supervision (December, 2011), Wellness and Mental Health (2012), Respectful Workplace (Spring, 2013) and Innovation, Renewal & Change (August, 2013).


For more information on Leaders Day 2014 contact Arleen Gallo or Theresa Southam.