Capture Selkirk Pride This Summer

Share Your Summer Adventure Photos With the Selkirk Family (and the rest of the world)


Summer has officially arrived to the West Kootenay-Boundary and it’s time to soak in all the good times that go along with living in such an amazing speck of the planet.

With so many Selkirk College staffers splintering off in all different directions for adventures big and small over the next two months, the marketing/communications team wants you to show us some Selkirk Pride and keep your co-workers posted on the places you roam.

Selkirk Summer - Bob

Selkirk College communications coordinator gets the ball on the #selkirksummer campiagn going with a shot of his recent trip to Zion National Park in Utah where he was flying the Selkirk colours at the top of the precarious Angel's Landing hike.

When you’re out and about over the next two months capture your locations (and yourself) with pictures and send them to us. Using the hashtag #selkirksummer, we’ll then spread the good times on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s a great way to let the masses know what a fun-loving group we are (and in turn put more bums in the seats).

So whether you’re hiking Kokanee Glacier, in a gondola on the Venice Grand Canal, at Space Mountain in Disney World or just having an awesome barbeque with family and friends in your backyard… take a picture of the scene and send it in. It’s best if you are wearing some sort of Selkirk College branded clothing, but even if you’re not that’s not a problem. The most important part is to capture yourself during a classic summer moment.

At the end of the summer we will make draws for Selkirk schwag for all those who participated in the #selkirksummer.

Please send your great #selkirksummer photos to Bob Hall at