Update on Pat and Maia - Truly Miracles

Amazing news we are so pleased to hear

August 12 update

Today Pat sat at her bedside then pulled herself up to a walker, turned herself and backed up to her wheelchair and sat down basically unassisted. We went outside for a while and then she got back into bed with the same procedure. No lifting at all! It brought tears to my eyes but more significant is the lift it gave to Pat. The event totally exhausted her and she is sleeping now. She is eating a little more every day and is stronger and visibly better every day.

Mia spent the entire afternoon yesterday out with Jay and today is out for the day with Stef who is visiting from Nelson. She really has no further need at present for a hospital. Only rehab and then further repair of her left ankle in the future. Her right right hand still does not function properly and a rehab specialist saw her today who will make a special splint to assist in recovery.

August 13 update

Maia just departed for MSK rehab facility. Their intent is to have her at her best to start university. I will go see the place later today and help her unpack. She was told that she will be free to go where she wants on weekends.

It would be great if we are all here until Maia starts university but we were told today that Pat may be transferred to Kelowna very soon if she has no further abdominal problems.

The Most Amazing News is that Pat was encouraged by physio to try to take a few steps with her walker. She blew us away! She walked a full 40 feet! Halfway through her walk she broke into happy tears. She saw two of her doctors walking down the hall with their backs to her and cried out "Hey"! When they turned she said "look at me"! Lots of tears from all including staff!

Kim and I had such a great time with Pat on the weekend! We are just tickled to hear this geat news from Larry!!

The time we spent with Pat gave us a much better understanding of what she and Maia are dealing with. Their strength and absolute determination is awe inspiring. It was so nice to spend so many hours of "girlfriend" time gossiping, giggling, doing Pat's toe nails and telling stories. Pat's sense of humour is indeed fully intact. Be assured that we imparted all of the messages we were sent with and gave the hugs (gently) too.

We were soooo impressed with how lovely the whole nursing staff is. Even the doctors seem to have a special bedside manner. The ones we met even commented on how much they liked her new cougar-print jammies before getting down to business.

As Larry said, Maia is just bursting with energy and a need to get going on full time rehab. While we were there she was able to go out for dinner with her dad and his friends and the next day she went out shopping to the mall and then a movie with Jay! Yep, she's ready for rehab. Maia is an absolute ray of sunshine!

All in all it was a terrific visit and we just wish it could have been much longer.

Pat has given us the okay to share the attached photo!!

Pat Henman in the hospital

We will be in touch soon.  All our best Karen and Kim.


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