Student Food Bank Challenge On

The Student Union Food Bank is used by the students and always in need of donations. Earlier this week a group of employees laid down a challenge, along with a $127 cash.

Lotto funds go into food bank

In 2009 the Selkirk College administration building on the Castlegar Campus had a lottery pool. Shortly after that a reorganization scattered many of those involved in the lottery pool to different places. A total of $127 was won in that short period of time.

Earlier this month there was a vote taken by the original 33 members of the lottery pool and majority ruled to give the money to the Student Union Food Bank. It's a worthy cause because hungry students can't learn.

Those involved in the lottery pool are now sending out a holiday challenge to help the food banks located on several campuses. At the Castlegar Campus the food bank can be found across from the Students' Union office, at Silver King in Nelson it is located in the cafeteria, at Tenth Street in Nelson it's in the student lounge and at KSA it is found in the computer room.