Selkirk Nursing Graduate: Kara Sundberg

Selkirk Nursing Student Wins UVIC Award of Distinction


Selkirk nursing graduate, Kara Sundberg, recently won the University of Victoria (UVic) Faculty of Human and Social Development Award of Distinction for the highest GPA of all graduates in the faculty. Kara’s GPA was not only the highest in her nursing program, it was the highest in the faculty, which included students from seven other programs.

Option to study at Selkirk provides benefits

Kara chose to attend Selkirk’s nursing program because she had the option to stay closer to home while obtaining her degree from UVic. “It was very important for me to have the option to study at Selkirk and stay close to home,” said Kara. “I don't think I would have gone back to school if the option wasn’t available.”

 Selkirk Nursing Student Wins UVIC Award of Distinction

Selkirk supports students in their success

Kara’s experience at Selkirk was positive, with personable, supportive instructors and small class sizes. She is now working as a nurse on a medical unit at Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson and her plans are to pursue a career in Nelson or the surrounding area. “This is my community and this is where I hope to remain,” says Kara. “I hope to gain as much experience as I can over the next year or two and eventually specialize,” she says.

Building on strategic directions

Offering a positive and supportive learning environment, as well as the ability to stay close to home and study, builds on Selkirk's strategic directions to increase enrolments, and engage the wider community in learning and developing innovative programs and services.

For more information, please contact the Chair of Selkirk’s School of Health and Human Services, Teresa Petrick, at 250.365.1442.


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