Photo for Leaders Day 2013

Leaders Day 2013

Leaders 2013 was an annual training day held for Supervisors/Managers that focused on themes of renewal, innovation and success. They explored and discussed innovation, renewal, and change in the current context for community colleges in BC and how these will affect the continued implementation of the Selkirk College strategic plan.

Specific topics in the 2013 session were:

  • Beyond Imagination” one year in: how is the strategic plan going? What is inspiring? What is working? What is challenging? How have co-­‐workers responded? What are the success stories?
  • Innovation in the community college: from ideas-­‐ to-­‐actions/impact-­‐to-­‐value throughout the college. Supporting the process of changing from a budgeting what we have (scarcity) to resourcing what we envision (opportunity). How do we do it?
  • Renewal and change: when we focus on the learner, what is “renewal” and how is change undertaken and effectively led?
  • Leading the college to be a leading college.

Every year Selkirk College Leaders gather for training on various topics like leadership development, communication for value, conflict resolution, workplace safety/supervision, wellness and mental health and respectful workplace.