Fundraising Support for Maria

Important message to employees, we would like to ask for your donation


Maria Bonito is a Selkirk College employee who has been working in the mail room since January, but has been with the College for several years. Unfortunately, Maria has been away from her position for the past two months, and will continue to be away for an undermined amount of time.

Her husband Shawn has been facing a long battle with cancer. Shawn is now in a critical stage and Maria has chosen to take time away from work to be with him. Unfortunately, Maria has used up all her sick time and vacation days and is now not receiving any form of earned income.

A fellow co-worker came up with a wonderful suggestion as to how we could support Maria during this difficult time. The way it works is people can donate a portion of their vacation time to be given to Maria. For example, several individuals in the Finance department have donated up to 3 days of their vacation, which is deducted from their vacation time and the cash value of the donation is included in a cheque that is issued to Maria.  The donations will remain anonymous, but you will have the opportunity to send a message with the cheque.  We are asking those of you who wish to donate to give as much time as you feel you can. This can be anywhere from a couple of hours to a day or two.

If you would like to donate, please submit an email to payroll with the number of days you would like to donate. Thank you in advance for your contribution! Please try to act on this request as soon as possible and we will include in the next pay run.



For more information contact our Manager of Finance, Andrea Hall or call 250.365.7292, ext. 21216.