Conducting Research in Aboriginal Communities

Join Dr. Shawn Wilson for a thoughtful workshop examining the issues and challenges faced by researchers conducting their work in Aboriginal communities.


This important workshop will be of interest to educators, researchers, students, and community members interested in indigenous worldviews, capacity building in Aboriginal peoples, and new approaches to respectful research in Aboriginal communities.

Relationships form the basis of Indigenous ways of thinking, doing and being, including ways of conducting research. So how do you demonstrate the ‘rigour’ or ‘validity’ of these relationships in both academic and Aboriginal community contexts? And what makes this any different from ethical research in any community context?

While we are all aware of guidelines surrounding research with Aboriginal people, putting these guidelines into action in the research process is often difficult. We will discuss how indigenous researchers themselves have addressed this issue. The time and effort spent in building relationships within indigenous communities is paramount.

Together we will work through some common issues faced in conducting research in Aboriginal communities. The cost of this 7-hour workshop is $150.00 per participant or $75.00 for students. If you are an SCFA member, don't forget to apply for your PD funds for the cost of this workshop.

Date: Saturday Oct 19th 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Place: Gathering Place, Castlegar Campus
Registration: Register through Continuing Education

You can also check out the Mir Lecture, and Community Dinner with Dr. Shawn Wilson, the night before as well.


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