Coaching for Success FREE College Coaches

Life and Career Guidance at Selkirk College


Coaching is a free, comfortable, informal service the college offers to help you navigate life’s many choices: school, career, future, time, education, health, etc.

Management is very supportive of this program, but you will need to check with your supervisors about release time.  Actual coaching sessions usually take place on breaks.  If this timing is a problem, please let us know and we can look at other re-scheduling options. 

We are hoping to have a group of coaches ready to go for September and we are excited that the Saints Hockey Team, as busy athletes and college leaders, are going to pilot having life coaches this year to help them maximize their time, energy and successful balance of academics, athletics and health.  We are hopeful that if they have a positive experience with coaching that other students will also be drawn to seeking out coaching support. We now look forward to expanding our team to the other campuses.

Our goal is to promote a positive college experience by providing life and career guidance. Connect with one of our college life coaches who can help you navigate through life’s many choices: school, career, future, time management, education, health, etc.

College life coaches are available for free at the Castlegar and all Nelson campuses. We also have a student wellness blog.

Your Investment

  • Three hours of training
  • Occasional training/support sessions for coaches
  • A 20-minute session every two weeks with a student
  • One-minute feedback report for each student contact


  • Improving personal communication, goal setting and planning
  • Being part of a supportive team of colleagues
  • Learning more about the student experience
  • Feeling invigorated and inspired about making a difference in a student’s life!


“Coaching has helped me succeed in learning how to think, plan and problem solve more effectively in both the college environment and everyday life.” 
– dmbear, Selkirk Student

 “I learned to be comfortable just listening, not having to have all the answers.  I also learned more about myself and about just being able to hold the space for the student to figure out what she needed to do.  What amazed me was that sometimes her journey was like a mirror; there were parallels to my own experience and I got ideas and learned from her too!” 
- Anni Holtby, Silver King Coach



Let us know if you can join us for the Coaching Training Session on Aug.27, for more information on this event email coaching or call 1.866.301.6601 (Nelson) Robin Higgins or 250.365.1313 (Castlegar) Paris Voykin.