Bursary Tea 2013

This year 243 guests shared a delicious lunch prepared by the Professional Cook program and served by the RHOT students. The programs out did themselves this year, offering homemade sushi, several kinds of sandwiches, finger foods and exquisite desserts. The theme was built on “Family” – the Selkirk family, consisting of staff, students, community members and donors.

Four short but meaningful speeches were presented: Selkirk President Angus Graeme, and the Selkirk Board of Governors Chair, Bruce Morrison, both spoke about the future of Selkirk and how important these awards are for our students. Bruce Morrison also described how a student sitting at the same table, sharing a meal with a person who selflessly gives to help them pursue their dream, is very similar to how families live each day. Aimee Ambrosone from the Columbia Basin Trust, representing donors, spoke heartfelt words on what it means to see students achieve their goals, and our student representative, Jeromie Parker, a second year Business Administration Program student, described his life as a family man (he has 2 young children) making the decision to go back to school in his thirties to pursue a new path, plus the struggles and rewards he has faced, accepted and is overcoming.

Selkirk College awarded $109,845.63 in Bursary Awards to 121 students.