B.C. Transfer System Brings Flexibility To Students


The B.C. Transfer System involves a network of 38 public and private universities, colleges and institutes.

Selkirk's long participation in the BC transfer system provides West Kootenay/Boundary students with opportunities to study close to home, save money on tuition, receive excellent instruction, and follow a transfer pathway to another institution. Virtually all of our programs have defined pathways to further study and degree completion.

Post-secondary students in British Columbia can move between institutions, programs and regions as they pursue their education and training, thanks to the most comprehensive credit transfer system in Canada.

"A student's journey through the post-secondary system can take many twists and turns," notes Advanced Education Minister Amrik Virk. "Our credit transfer system recognizes that, and offers students the flexibility they need to chart their own unique path toward the successful completion of their studies and a rewarding career."

The B.C. Transfer System involves a network of 38 public and private universities, colleges and institutes. It enables students to move from one institution to another and receive credit for previous applicable course work, giving them a high level of flexibility to complete their studies.

The system is based on transfer agreements between the institutions through which one institution recognizes education successfully completed at another.

Credit Transfer offers many benefits to students

  • Students can begin their studies at an institution close to home and save money while they plan their educational path with the option of moving to another institution to complete their program.
  • A student who does not meet the admission requirements for a B.C. university directly based on their high school grades may be eligible to apply for admission later as a transfer student. Students can complete up to two years (60 credits) and transfer to finish their baccalaureate degree.
  • Credit Transfer provides flexibility for students who change their education or career goals, take time away from their studies, move, or who face other planned or unplanned events that may impact their education.
  • Credit Transfer reduces the need for students to repeat comparable courses they have already successfully completed at another institution, saving money, time, and effort and allowing for earlier graduation.


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