ABE Is Thrilled To Host This Year's Annual Gala Auction

The Adult Special Education Program Is Hosting This Year's Annual Gala Auction


Adult Special Education (ASE) is for adults with disabilities and barriers to learning. In Castlegar, Grand Forks, Nelson, and Trail, ASE programs give adults the chance to flourish in a supportive college setting. Imagine believing you can’t, only to find out that you CAN – that’s what happens in our program, daily.

Gala 2013

  • Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 in Nelson.
  • To purchase tickets, email events.

There are four main reasons that we are hosting the Gala 2013 auction

  1. We want to support Selkirk College: Our class is passionate about Selkirk because it provides the forum for our growth.
  2. We want to support students: we want to raise funds for a scholarship to help ASE students move on to other college programs, and we want to host a regional conference for Adult Special Education students this spring.
  3. We want to learn: Gala 2013 has been the primary focus for our fall learning. We have been planning, organizing, writing letters, reaching out to the community, presenting, and working well together.
  4. We want to create more inclusive communities: By collaborating with our communities, we will learn more about each other and together create more inclusive communities.

We would welcome your donation to the 2013 Annual Gala Auction. Donated items will be beautifully displayed at the Gala, acknowledging your support for and collaboration with our students.

We hope to have auction items in hand by November 1st, 2013. We can pick them up from you if that is helpful.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

The Adult Special Education Gala Team

Nelson: Ray Brock, 250-354-3219
( tel:2503543219)

Deb Scheidel, 250-354-3229
( tel:2503543229)

Castlegar: Jim Leitch, 250-365-1345
( tel:2503651345)

Grand Forks: Heidi Hofmann-Huber, 250-442-2704
( tel:2504422704)

Trail: Geoff Tellier, 250-364-5765
( tel:2503645765)

Jennifer Cliff-Marks, 250-364-5785
( tel:2503645785)

Chair: Allison Alder, 250-354-3214
( tel:2503543214)


Please contact one of our ASE instructors or the School Chair, Allison Alder if you have any questions.