Update on Kim Kratky from Peggy LePage

For all of you who have visited already, thank you.

Janice (Kim's wife) would like you all to know that the support you have shown for her and Kim is a great comfort and she is grateful to all of you.

For the past couple of days, Kim has been able to come home for the afternoon and return to the hospital in the early evening. He is on medication which is keeping him in very good spirits, increasing his appetite and making him very talkative. For the present, he is holding his own and loves being able to be home with his girls and visiting with all ofhis many friends.

Janice would like to ask that, if at all possible, peoplerestrict visits to Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 12:00 and 4:00 pm so the rest of the time can be for family.  She's suggesting restricting your visit to 30 minutes - Kim may feel energized and want to talk longer but the Doctor feels that due to his meds, he can't self-monitor his energy very well - some of you may have already experienced this.  It is difficult to say from day to day whether Kim will be at home or at the hospital so, if he goes home, Janice will leave a note on his hospital door (Room 303) telling visitors to come to the house to's not far away and you are most welcome to join Kim there. You might have to tear him away from a baseball game on TV but he's fine with that.

If anyone has any questions about Kim's current situation, please feel free to contact me or my husband, Bob Perchie, (250-352-6412). We're trying to keep the calls to Janice down as she has been feeling quite overwhelmed with all that has been going on. 

Having said that, she wants everyone toknow that the visits and calls from friends are very important to both her and Kim and she appreciates each and every one.

Peggy LePage