Photo for Strategic Plan Internal Consultants Update

Strategic Plan Internal Consultants Update

Consultations almost complete

The consultation phase of the strategic planning process is almost complete.  Staff, students and community members have provided thousands of ideas, thoughts and inspirations! The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is now moving into the “theming” process. The work of the committee over the next few weeks is to rebuild our vision, mission, values and strategic directions based on this incredible feedback. 

Next Steps

In the third week of June co-navigators (staff and students from all campuses who volunteered to be more involved with the process) as well as community members who attended the open houses will be asked to participate in an online prioritization process, assisting the Committee to select from the many themes that have arisen. Our goal is to see all contributions reflected in the final document, by distilling the common themes, carefully considering the realities of our environment, and working the themes so they are applicable to all of our work at Selkirk. We want to create a document that will describe who we are, what we stand for, and where we are heading in the future.

The anticipated roll out of the 2012-17 strategic plan is fall 2012.

If you have any questions about the process please be in touch with one of the committee members or the internal consultants. 

Steering Committee Members:         

  • Angus Graeme                                                        
  • Barb Ihlen                                                              
  • Barry Auliffe                                                          
  • Cathy Mercer
  • Jason Taylor
  • China Coutoure
  • Craig McCallum
  • Gary Leier
  • Greg Currie
  • Kate Tognotti
  • Tracey Harvey
  • Rhys Andrews
  • Joleen Kinakin

Internal Consultants:

  • Jane Green 
  • Theresa Southam 
  • Allison Alder