SGRC Awarded NSERC ARD Grant for Environmental Change Analysis GeoPortal

The Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre (SGRC) in partnership with AKS Geoscience Inc. of Calgary has been awarded a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Applied Research and Development (ARD) grant of $25,000.

The award will allow the partners to design an Environmental Change Analysis GeoPortal. The geoportal will provide free web access to publicly available imagery along with the ability to interactively apply AKS analysis on the imagery for an area of interest. Example applications involve quantifying land surface attribute change over time, and would include mining reclamation efforts, oil spill clean-up efficacy, and monitoring vegetation succession.

Bringing the functionality of sophisticated remote sensing software to the general user will allow the public to explore data in unique ways which brings a whole new understanding of surface conditions. A future goal of this project is to create a commercial version of the portal that operates in conjunction with the public portal, but enables additional access to the latest high resolution imagery and ability to apply, on-demand, more complex analysis of the imagery.

"As part of our effort to educate the environmental monitoring community in the use of multispectral satellite imagery, AKS Geoscience is pleased to assist Selkirk College in the development of an online imagery analysis tool", says Glen Larsen, AKS Geoscience Project Lead.

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The NSERC ARD grants provide companies access to the unique knowledge and expertise available at Canadian colleges, such as Selkirk, and the opportunity to train students in essential technical skills required by industry.

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