Photo for Selkirk Student Staff Emergency Fund Hit Goal Of 50 Donors

Selkirk Student Staff Emergency Fund Hit Goal Of 50 Donors

The Selkirk Staff Student Emergency Fund (SSSEF) was initiated in 2009 in response to the struggles that students face. The SSSEF is a three part program with 25% dedicated to service the student food bank, 25% to provide grocery cards, and 50% for financial aid. The primary source of funding is regular staff payroll deductions ranging from $5 - $100 per month. My initial goal of 50 regular donors has been surpassed as the number of donors sits at 52. As a celebration there will be a draw for a gift on Discovery Day at lunch.

Raised Over $20,000

We have raised $20,579 to date. As an added resource I have been collecting bottles from the beginning. Three thousand dollars worth of bottles has been returned so far. The bottle money is dedicated to the food bank, and it allows me to take advantage of sale pricing, and purchasing items like canning jars and shrink-wrap bags to package bulk goods. 

A Special Thanks To

  • All the long term donors for their support and belief in our project.
  • The new donors for making my goal a reality.
  • The ladies in Castlegar admin for their teamwork and ongoing publication of the Food Talk cookbook.
  • Pat Henman for helping “carry the ball” while I found my footing in my new job.
  • My sister Betsy and niece Debby for the home made canned tomatoes and apple sauce.
  • Hans Wilking, the proprietor of the fabulous Hotel Ymir Country Resort for his long time support. Hans has dedicated his bottle recycling to our cause as well as several cases of soup.
  • Most of all I would like to thank the students for choosing Selkirk College.

For more information or to join our team, contact Pat Henman, Joyce Buckler or Tom Cotton

Thank you everybody for supporting our students, our future. I believe that these young people are all absolutely amazing!

Tom Cotton