Photo for Selkirk College Paddles Together On Discovery Day 2012

Selkirk College Paddles Together On Discovery Day 2012

The Selkirk College community came together last week to paddle together toward the college’s future as part of Discovery Day 2012 – a day of fun, learning, feasting and visioning.

The day, themed Paddling Together, began with workshops and activities throughout the Castlegar Campus; from snowshoeing and golf in the gym... sushi-making, ‘zentangling,’and studying student success, Selkirk staff got the chance to learn some new skills and have some fun along the way.

After a sumptuous lunch of make-your-own sandwiches and salads prepared by the Ripple Café staff, it was off to the gym for Café Selkirk 2012...

...where Selkirk’s Strategic Planning Internal Consultant Team of Allison Alder, Jane Green and Theresa Southam had laid out an elaborate and elegant framework to facilitate Selkirk staff in visioning for the college’s new five-year strategic plan.

Depicted with shredded blue paper and cardboard carefully placed on the floor, the Kootenay, Columbia and Kettle Rivers flowed through the gym and along the way were various stations where people could share their ideas for Selkirk’s future and also write them on large sheets of paper spread across the tables.

A special website created specifically for the occasion allowed keywords from staff to be collected and displayed on a projector screen at the front of the room, where the three ‘rivers’ converged into one.

About 130 people filled the gym and put their minds toward a vision for Selkirk College’s future. Many who attended were happy to be involved.

“I think it’s critical,” said English Instructor, Adrian Barnes. ” I think all employees should have a chance to have their say about what’s important . . . The more people who get together and share their ideas, the better the experience.”

“It’s really cool, “ said Tessa Jackson of Selkirk International. “It’s important to people’s opinion on things. If you want people to believe in the Strategic Plan, you have to get them involved in the process.”

At the end of the session, for the second year in a row the results were artfully summarized through the drawings of community and classroom support worker 2009 alumna, Lisa Thiessen and through the words of slam poets Samuel Stevenson and Will Klatte, who are both Selkirk students. 

The day concluded with a wine and cheese staff social in the Staff Lounge.