Photo for Friday Afternoon Film Company Releases Another Hit

Friday Afternoon Film Company Releases Another Hit

Welcome to the last of the flicks from the "Friday Afternoon Film Company" exploring the magic behind those colourful Tea For Two (T42) kits...

Discover The Surprise

What surprise?

Tune into this 1:20 minute T42 Kit Assembly Video  to discover the surprise inside the T42 kits.

Your Hallway Invitation

Invitation to what?

If you haven't been invited yet, watch the The Hallway Invitation featuring Myler's Dylanesque moves, Gord's jaunty saunter, Tracey's glide, Linda as "the genuine article", Cathy's effervescent paper shake and Deborah with her uniquely kicky ending.

Have The Conversation

What conversation?  

Check out Rhonda & Linda Have The Conversation Video to learn more about how you can make your voice about the future of Selkirk.