Photo for Discovery Day Afternoon A Murmuration?

Discovery Day Afternoon A Murmuration?

Discovery Day may not have been a 'full murmuration' but the flock took off, with many more, we hope, to join this collaborative visioning in the months to come!

Collaboration At It's Best

One of the most marvelous aspects of the Image Selkirk Consultation was the collaborative nature of the set-up, implementation and clean-up. The volunteerism formally through the co-navigator process or informally by just for example taking up a broom was a significant outpouring of good will.

The event consisted of visiting ‘cafes’ with names like: The Student Experience, The Staff Experience, Selkirk in the World, Innovation & Research, What Else, Teaching & Learning, Selkirk in our Communities, Technology and Our Sustainability in our Interesting Times.  These cafes represent some of the strategic directions of our current plan as well as some possible additional future directions. 

Participants sampled desserts representative of the region--Tiramisu for Trail, fruit tarts for Castlegar and Grand Forks, granola bars for Nelson, Kaslo and the Slocan valley. A graphic artist and slam poets summarized the event! 

Murmuration Here We Come

The conversations were captured on tablecloths. Words that captured the essence of the feedback were typed into laptops at each table forming word clouds. Words that arose most often increased in size thus showing the relative number of inputs. The headcount at the height of the Imagine Selkirk event was 134! 

Not quite sure what a murmuration is?  According to author Donald Tapscott a murmation is the “epitome of self-organization and mass collaboration”.  See this short video to learn more about the power of murmurations.

Take Our Online Survey To Join The Conversation

If you missed this event, but are excited by the prospect of contributing to a vision for Selkirk’s future please fill in the Online Survey

If you have more time, try the Tea for Two and gather up a colleague or someone from the community who you think should contribute to Selkirk College’s future and have a cup of tea and cookie while contemplating some questions and writing down your feedback! 

To read more about the the strategic plan process visit our Strategic Planning site. 

Jane, Theresa and Allison
Strategic Plan Internal Consulting Team