Budget Update From President

All Employee Email

Dear Selkirk College Employees,

Good afternoon. This is a follow up to my last correspondence to you on March 5th and is an update on the budget process.

In the past month we have been working to clarify and quantify budget decisions described in my March 5th email, in particular those decisions that directly affect employees and our obligations to respect due process under employment contracts and collective agreements. Again, I wish to thank everyone involved for their respectful regard for colleagues, their attention to detail, and professional responses to a very difficult time indeed. And I have appreciated everyone’s forthright communication with me individually and in staff meetings at the various campuses so far.

At their meeting on March 26th, the Board of Governors received information about the college’s decisions going forward to balance the 2012-2013 budget. Representations to the Board were made by students, the Selkirk College Faculty Association, and the Chair of Education Council. The Board will vote on whether to approve the final budget at their May meeting.

In the meantime, respective teams are continuing to work to implement changes to operations, programs, and services for the coming operational year and my thanks go out to them. We also have a clearer picture of ITA funding and are incorporating this into plans for trades programming. No further budget reduction decisions will be made for the 2012-2013 operating year. An itemized listing of the savings can be viewed on the MySelkirk employee website, but in general the final annualized breakdown for our savings plan is as follows:

  • Operational efficiencies: $467,349
  • Administration, service and overhead efficiencies: $743,000
  • Course, program and service reductions and changes (estimate pending finalized allocation of workloads): $593,600

Overall this represents reductions of an amount totaling $1.8 Million. However, it is important to note that some of the savings described above will not be completely realized until in to 2013-2014.

Over the next two months I will be completing employee meetings at KSA, Trail, Grand Forks, Nakusp, and Kaslo. I have scheduled information and advocacy meetings with provincial ministries, mayors and councils in three of our communities so far and with chambers of commerce and service organizations. I will also be holding a series of community discussions as part of our strategic planning process in six communities across the region. I anticipate and will welcome the many ideas and suggestions for a successful future for Selkirk College.

And on a personal note...I remain optimistic for our future and resolute in my commitment to the success of our college, to the future of our wonderful students, and to the health and vitality of the communities of the West Kootenay Boundary region. I look forward to our work together.

Have a wonderful weekend.