Belated Congratulations to Dawn Lang & Ulli Miller For Their Success
Congratulations to Dawn and Ulli for being successfully re-elected to their political posts.—December 23, 2011
They Shoot...They Scored!
The Selkirk College Transitional Training students (pictured below with their team red touques and goalie mask) challenged the International students to a game of outdoor ball hockey.—December 23, 2011
Selkirk College Recycling Program Celebrates 20 Years Of Keeping It Green
Selkirk College’s Recycling Department is celebrating 20 years of making the college a greener place to work this year. —December 23, 2011
We're Going To Guatemala
Hola! It’s Brittney & Kenzie here. We are thrilled about our upcoming opportunity for an international nursing experience in Guatemala! —December 23, 2011
CBT Continues To Support Students In Post-Secondary
CBT Continues To Support Students In Post-Secondary as they approved changing the College Service Awards from an entrance award to an exit award and approved a new bursary program.—December 23, 2011
Selkirk College IEPT Graduates Achieving Goals
“I have never been one of those people who have strong ideas of what they want to be when they grow up,” says Marcie Allen. “But after far too many years of unfulfilling work and drudgery of the big city, I decided that perhaps it wasn’t too late for a career and life change. Knowing only that I wanted to find work that was in line with my core values, I researched programs that could help me achieve that.”—December 23, 2011
Future Students Successful Visit To Castlegar Campus
On November 15, 2011 Selkirk College welcomed 27 Aboriginal students from School District 51 to the Castlegar campus! —December 23, 2011
Thanks From The Wellness Committee
A big thank you to all Selkirk staff who took the time to complete the Selkirk Staff Wellness Committee Survey. —December 23, 2011
Thanks From The Tree of Sharing
HO! HO! HO! To all Selkirk College staff & students who contributed to both the Tree of Sharing and Holiday Grocery Card Fund! —December 23, 2011