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Photo for Facilities Updates Summer 2013

Facilities Updates Summer 2013

Selkirk College Facility Updates Over Summer of 2013


We would like to share with you some photos of all the progress we have made over the summer. 

Our Maintenance team has been hard at work this summer with a variety of projects in both Nelson & Castlegar facilities. 


Castlegar has two additional wheelchair lifts were installed in the Granite and Monashee stairlifts.  With the lifts in Kokanee and lower Sentinel wings, the campus is now fully wheelchair accessible!

Increased bus service to the campus over the past couple years has resulted in congestion in front of the main building during peak periods.  Parking stalls near the main causeway have been eliminated to alleviate the congestion and associated hazards to pedestrians and vehicles.

New motion-sensor doors have been installed at the main campus entrance (doors can be opened with existing fobs).
Two old storage sheds near the bank at the Mir Centre have been removed. In response to student request, a Hot/Cold water bottle filling station has been installed in the Cafeteria.

A high efficiency heating plant is currently being installed for the Castlegar campus.  The heating plant is a "hybrid" system consisting of new condensing boilers along with heat pumps extracting heat from the aquifer.  Boiler installation is expected to be complete by the end of September.


Civil and landscaping work has been completed around the Tenth Street Residence and Shambhala Theatre.  The first floor of the Patenaude building has been renovated with new drywall, paint and flooring.  New flooring was installed on the dorm and kitchen areas of the Residence building.

The original heating plant for Mary Hall has been replaced with high efficiency hot water heaters and efficient, condensing boilers.  This project, in conjunction with the Castlegar campus heating plant is expected to reduce the College's total greenhouse gas emissions by 20%.

Tenth Street ResidenceTenth Street Residence (another angle)Patenaude Hallway (another angle)Castlegar LiftCastlegar Bus StopPatenaude Hallway

Learn more about the upgrades by visiting, Campus Manager, Holly Shively or Facilities Manager, Ron Zaytsoff.