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Business Students Show Competitive Edge

Challenges showcase students' creative solutions


The first-year students were tasked with creating an ad campaign to promote Selkirk's Digital Arts and New Media Program. They presented many creative ideas, including utilizing social media networks. One group made a cell phone App through YAPP that could be photographed by a phone, and then would display all the event information on the screen. Another group suggested “guerilla” marketing where they would have hundreds of sticky notes with event information stuck in the form of a heart on a public wall.

“This competition gives students the opportunity to pull together information from all the different courses and disciplines they’ve been studying,” said Ron Anderson, a Chartered Accountant with Yule Anderson Chartered Accountants in Castlegar, a college Alumni and a lifetime Selkirk board member. “All the information culminates today, and their ability to demonstrate how to use that information.”

Judges were Impressed

“Every year students seem more prepared and better prepared – and they don’t seem as scared as they should be,” Ron Anderson. “But that level of confidence is great to see.”

The marketing judges were also impressed. They admired the “out of the box” approach the students took, said competition judge Tourism Rossland Executive Director Deanne Steven.

Virtual Business Case Provided Real-world Experience

The second-year students were given the virtual business Westlake Lanes Bowling Alley to transform. In the morning, they presented business plans to improve the existing enterprise to a panel of four judges. In the afternoon, those judges surprised the students saying the building their business leased would be foreclosed on by the bank. The teams had to reformulate their plans to accommodate this change, and present new visions.

Celebrating the Award Winners

Marketing Trade Show and the Student’s Choice award went to the Phoenix Marketing Team of:

  • Zach Bomak
  • Nick Cecconi
  • Beau Taylor
  • Marrisa DeRosa 
  • Jared Seutter

Business Case Competition top spot went to:

  • Jeromie Parker,
  • Wade Swagar,
  • Jacob Swanson and
  • Steve Robert

Judges' Top Student award went to:

  • Rob Squires

The Students’ Choice Award for the top business case analysis went to the Brilliant Dam Consulting team of:

  • Melanie Wasilenkoff
  • Brittany Horswill
  • Erik Craft and Chelsea Grisch

Read the press release for a full list of first, second and third place winners.

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