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Renewing Our Strategic Plan

The strategic plan development process is underway, but in the very early stages. The Steering Committee has been appointed and has met three times with the internal consultant (Allison Alder, Jane Green, and Theresa Southam) team to develop the process and identify tools needed to provide students, employees, and the broader community the opportunity to participate in redefining Selkirk College’s mission, vision, values, strategic directions and actionable priorities for the coming five years.

What Is A Strategic Plan?

The strategic plan for the college serves as a set of shared guiding principles, reference points, and desired outcomes for undertaking our mandate. It helps define and prioritize operational planning, the development of programming and services, and informs decisions on allocation of effort and resources. The strategic plan affirms the values of the college, defines our collective aspired future, and provides the context and content of the day-to-day work of the institution. The plan should describe our fundamental or core activities, but articulate new and emerging opportunities and challenges to which we should respond and for which we should provide learning and leadership.

The planning process should capture the collective beliefs, hopes, dreams, and expectations of our learners, employees, and the broader community. As we undertake the process, we will also identify and describe the evolving needs of learners, the complex environment in which colleges operate, the emerging needs of our communities, and the changing world to which our graduates will take their education and training.

In the simplest terms a strategic plan has a:

  • Mission: Why are we here? What is our purpose?
  • Vision: Where do we want to go? What kind of college do we aspire to be?
  • Values: What do we believe in? What guides our work with one another?
  • Strategic Directions/Priorities: What should we focus on and act upon to get us there?

In the coming months, the Consultant Team will be rolling out a schedule of events and activities from which to choose to provide your many, varied and important contributions to mapping our future. On January 11, staff were invited to get involved in the process as Co-Navigator; the upcoming February 13 Discovery Day will present a further opportunity. I look forward to working together with you on that day.


PS - Remember to visit Strategic Plan - Beyond Imagination for up-to-date information regarding the renewal of our Strategic Plan.




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