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Photo for Remembering Lorna Marshall

Remembering Lorna Marshall

Lorna Marshall (centre, green jacket)  is pictured above flanked by friends and colleagues at the 2008 Tourism Educators Conference - bound for adventure.

On November 21st, Selkirk lost Lorna Marshall, a friend and colleague to many here at the college. 

Lorna joined Selkirk in 1990 and during her time here, played a key role in transforming an eight month program in Resort & Hotel management into a two year diploma program with transfer agreements to almost a dozen Canadian Universities.

In order to share with you the impact Lorna had on those who worked with her, we have attached the eulogy delivered by Bob Falle, Chair of the School of Hospitality and Tourism on November 28th at the memorial service held in honour of Lorna.

We are told that Lorna wrote her own obituary ending it with these words:“My work here is done, now it’s time to rest.

Our response to these final words is this - your work may be done but it and you will be long remembered.

Barry Auliffe

Lorna Marshall: June 21, 1957 - Nov 21, 2011


Bob Falle's Tribute To Lorna

Over the past 21 years I have had the pleasure of working with Lorna and becoming good friends with her and husband Jay outside of the College.

Our friendship led to many gin and tonic’s on our deck and in the Marshall’s back yard. As our friendship grew we curled, skied, hiked and golfed together.

At the same time, our pool of new friends also expanded as the School of Hospitality and Tourism grew. Our Christmas parties became very memorable...that was back in the day when you were allowed to have fun at parties and no one had a cell phone camera and there was no Facebook or Twitter.

Working in a department with some very difficult male egos we quickly learned that “You Guys” was not an appropriate statement unless you were addressing an all-male hockey team. I always looked for Lorna’s face in a room when a speaker would address a group with “You Guys”.

Lorna always maintained a strong management style and fought for the Resort and Hotel program to grow from a one-year certificate into a strong two-year diploma.

Lorna promoted the Resort and Hotel program and it’s grads to the hospitality industry always projecting a professional image, which drew employers to our college campus to recruit work term students and graduates.

Lorna earned the respect from her peers at other colleges and universities through hard work, developing relationships through provincial articulation committees. She worked diligently to produce a program here at Selkirk that became the model others imitated.

Lorna worked very hard to create university opportunities for our graduates and was instrumental in developing transfer agreements with the University of Calgary and University of Victoria in the late 90’s. Now we have direct transfer agreements with almost a dozen Canadian universities.

I have received many notes of condolence from our colleagues at the other colleges and universities in BC stating that they too will miss Lorna’s presence in their lives.

Our graduates have benefited greatly from the experience they developed in their time at Selkirk.

The comments from our Canadian and International graduates on Lorna’s Face Book page are a testament to her dedication to their success.

In 2002 Lorna completed her Masters of Business Administration from the new program offered through the School of Hospitality and Tourism at the University of Guelph, where she was winner of the Management Development Scholarship.

In 2002-3 Lorna took a sabbatical to take some time off to refresh her mind and decided to take on a little project that involved building a beautiful new house with Jay.

Two of the most heartbreaking conversations I have ever had in my life happened right before Labour Day 2005 and again in 2008.

The first was when Lorna confirmed her first case of breast cancer and second, when Lorna told me her cancer had returned. Each time Lorna shared with me what was going on with her. However, always thinking of our students, each time she presented me with a totally organized plan as to how we would work through the transition of a new instructor to cover her work while she was off.

While battling breast cancer Lorna took on a roll with the Canadian Breast Cancer Network that focused on, among other things, the task of battling the government and the medical system to provide more understanding of the financial impact of breast cancer on individuals and families.

We are all very proud of you and we will all miss you.

Bob Falle Chair, School of Hospitality and Tourism



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