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Photo for Gala 2011...What A Destination

Gala 2011...What A Destination

Each year Selkirk’s Gala has a theme and this year organizers chose a travel theme, ‘Destination Education.’ Guests were greeted at the door with champagne in hand and moved straight from ‘debarkation’ to a global marketplace of intriguing displays created by the 14 programs and schools that ranged from the UAS Curiosity Shop to art displays by the KSA studios.

Pat Henman and Joyce Buckler of Development attribute the marketplace success to enthusiastic participation of instructors and students. From the marketplace, guests moved to their primary destination, Mary Hall cafeteria, where they were greeted and guided to their seats for the next leg of the journey – dinner, dancing and entertainment From the entreé of chicken supreme filled with pancetta, chevre goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, to a musical selection ranging from contemporary to lively jazz, belly and folkfusion dancing, a fully stocked bar and service rivaling the finest of establishments, the evening was a display of talent that never fails to remind us each year of the talented students we attract and the quality of programs we deliver.

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