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Discovery Day: Change Making From the Inside Out

Discovery Day Opportunities

Besides great food, drink, and some laughs with Lucas Myers as your entertainment at the Social, this year’s Discovery Day event will be a variety of workshops and surprises you will not want to miss. You can try your hand at hammering hot steel or welding something special for your home or office; or how about some finger style guitar? You can also learn to create short videos of your course material that are typically made available before and after class, or design your own TED talk.

Digital Discoveries

If you want to find out what's new in GroupWise and the Shortel phone system, Moodle, social media, or how to use our new Ipad lab, then Discovery Day is for you.

You might want to learn about medical qigong, or be pampered at the aesthetics lab. There is also the opportunity to learn how to obtain lean legs, flat abs, sculpted arms, and lose weight, all while having a blast training for a triathlon.

Would you like to learn how to better manage your mortgage to minimize interest payments or learn how to build a home with a tiny ecological footprint? Perhaps you may wish to look at what a feng shui cure is about and craft together one that is specific to your needs and home. Ever thought you would like to learn how to make lip balms, salves and creams using local wild gathered herbs? This is all waiting for you to explore on Friday, February 15, as part of your Discovery Day at Selkirk College.

While the workshops and activities are interesting and fun, it is always wonderful to just connect with each other. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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