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5th Annual Top Chef Serves Up Sensational Cuisine

Showcasing our Students


Top Chef a Sold-out Success: The 21 first-year students put together over 5,000 bites in four and a half hours. Selkirk instructors selected leaders for each of the four teams, who cooked under stressful conditions to create and serve the most successful product possible. Four teams created four dishes each, giving each diner 16 dishes to taste.

The event is made possible by dedicated level one Professional Cook Training and Resort & Hotel Management students. Resort and Hotel Management Instructor, Harry Pringle said, “The event is a great way to showcase the talent of our students and they get to see their hard work come to total fruition." 

“This event provides us with real-world practice, high pace, high stress and high energy, the best way to prepare us for the industry,” said Azalea Lloyd, a level one Professional Cook Training student, who was part of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Team.

“I was really impressed by the amazing quality of food and how such a big event was pulled off so smoothly. It's so great to see how much support from the community our program has, and I can't wait to be an alumni coming back and attending,” said Leah Hoerger a year one Resort and Hotel Management student.

Adrian Clarke, a level one Professional Cook Training student said, “The event went terrific. I’ll be fighting for my ticket next year...can I buy it now?”

For full story and photos, visit Top Chef Media Release.



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