Exceeding Expectations


Selkirk College Proud To Announce NISOD Awards


Ray Brock – Instructor, Adult Special Education program

Ray was nominated for his ability to foster a classroom environment that promotes full participation, regardless of level or capacity. He carefully monitors swings in behaviour and builds a positive and caring culture. He pioneered the Fairmont Hot Springs “final exam” toward which much of the year’s learning is geared; building not only real life skills but also excitement in the process.

In addition to the remarkable culture Ray has created in his classroom, he has also contributed to a warm and welcoming culture on the Silver King Campus. As new staff members join our team, Ray always goes out of his way to welcome them and set them at ease.

Rosemary Enefer - Instructional Assistant, Food Services Worker program

Rosemary truly embodies what it is to be a natural helper, to serve students, and to transform lives. The Food Services Worker program is a two year training program for adults with special needs to become familiar with various aspects of the food service industry. Participation in this program can be challenging and dynamic, with students displaying many divergent personality traits and degrees of ability. Rosemary manages every interaction fairly and rationally, keeping the needs and capacity of the students in mind, while helping them to understand the parameters of effective food service. She gives to her students and to the college from her heart.

Fiona Matthews – Instructor, Business Administration program

Fiona was nominated for demonstrating teaching excellence, innovation, consistent high performance, exemplary service, and contribution to students and program goals. Fiona has been instrumental in initiating and improving the annual Business Competition. She saw the benefits students gained from participation in competitions and suggested an in-house competition for all second year students. It has evolved and now also includes first year marketing campaigns developed for a local organization. This competition has become the flagship event of the program and has been instrumental in developing an innovative, integrated program.

Nella Mitchell - Admissions Clerk, Selkirk College, Trail Campus

Nella’s job puts her on the front line of college interaction with the public; fielding questions, referring inquiries to the right people or department, as well as completing all of the Trail campus admissions for Community Education, the Employment Skills Access program, Adult Basic Education and Adult Special Education. She is calm, resourceful, polite, and endlessly patient. Her helpful nature has been crucial in getting students in to see instructors, placed in the right courses/programs, and ready and excited about getting back to school. Even with the most challenging students Nella considers their needs, and helps them find a way to meet these needs and to feel valued.

Cheryl Morassut – Instructor, Pharmacy Technician program

Cheryl was nominated for her commitment to excellence in innovative programming, to teaching, and to the advancement of the pharmacy technician profession. She has provided exceptional leadership and expertise to a variety of important projects; continued improvements in the delivery of the online Pharmacy Technician certificate, preparation and achievement of the program’s accreditation with the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP), and development of the Pharmacy Technician Bridging (PTECB) program.

Deb Schiedel – Instructor, Adult Special Education and Adult Basic Education

Deb was nominated for her work In the Adult Special Education program. Deb is purposefully focussed on developing useful and realistic skills and perspectives. Each student is welcomed, engaged, and honoured for their true gifts and potential. Learning is embedded in activities which are both fun and natural. Deb ensures that the learning components are capitalized upon to achieve that particular learner’s unique learning outcomes. Deb also instructs Fundamental level mathematics and a multi-level Education and Career Planning (EDCP) course. She masterfully blends learning and brain development theory into the coursework, helping students understand the foundations of their learning process and giving them tools to move beyond entrenched habits. Many students claim participation in Deb’s EDCP class to be transformative.

Kerry Young - Administrative Clerk, Selkirk College, Trail Campus

Kerry was nominated for her dedication to her position and responsibilities, and the value she adds to the college’s reputation. Kerry has excellent communication skills and the patience required to deal with the diverse array of people and situations that arise daily. She is unfailingly polite and pleasant; whether dealing with students or staff. There are many examples of Kerry’s helpful nature, making nervous people comfortable, confused people more aware, upset people calmer and curious people better informed. Her interactions with difficult students are both unwaveringly polite and clear. She is resourceful in helping people as she tries to solve problems or find the right information.


For more information on this contact Administrative Assistant-Recruitment Pam Mosby.