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Randy Janzen Subject of Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping

Randy Janzen is Breaking New Ground and Gaining Attention


Selkirk College faculty member Randy Janzen is breaking new ground and gaining widespread attention on the subject of unarmed civilian peacekeeping.

Janzen, who chairs the Mir Centre for Peace in addition to his role as a Peace Studies instructor, is investigating methods of avoiding armed conflict in instances where political conflicts arise.

His research indicates that nonviolent approaches are far more likely to result in a successful resolution to these conflicts while also avoiding the violence that most often accompanies war and military intervention.

"It is not enough to say no to war,” Janzen says. “We need to develop sound, evidence-based strategies that will resolve violent conflicts besides going to war."

He will be presenting the results of this study at the Annual Peace and Justice Studies Conference in Waterloo in October 2013.

Randy Janzen, Mir Centre for Peace


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