Exceeding Expectations


Adrian Barnes’ Novel Nominated for Arthur C. Clarke Award

Lifelong passion leads to success


‌Adrian Barnes will be heading to London on April 26th to attend the Arthur C. Clarke Awards ceremony and promote his shortlisted novel Nod. Adrian has been a passionate writer since the 1970s, and science fiction books and movies were a huge part of his childhood and youth. 

Adrian said, “I believe we live in 'science fiction times', and that it's hard to write meaningfully about today without giving some thought to tomorrow, given how quickly and drastically the world is changing.” 

Adrian Barnes' next novel, Neverhasbeen, comes out next spring. It is set in Rossland, and also includes a little sci-fi. Adrian joined other local writers in discussing their works at the Conversations with Writers event held in Rossland during Celebrating Arts and Culture Week.


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