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September 19: Congrats to our 2013 SCOPE Recipients

SCOPE Awards Ceremony for 2013


There will be a SCOPE Awards Ceremony sponsored by the SCFA on Thursday September 19 from 4 to 6pm in the Faculty Lounge to honour these three Selkirk College colleagues.  All are invited to attend.


Submitted by Deb Wandler

Robin Higgins, a Student Access and Support Counselor has been recognized this year with a SCOPE Award for Exceptional Performance in Innovation.

Nominated by a colleague, Robin was described as not only making “extraordinary daily contributions in her role as a counsellor on numerous Selkirk campuses” but also expanding her role “into innovative college and community endeavours”. The “Tenth Street Dinner Club”, a pilot program on healthy eating and living is but one example of Robin’s skill at bringing students together for social, emotional and physical well being.

More than one of her colleagues described Robin as thinking outside the box. “Matter of fact”, said one colleague, “I’m not sure she knows there is a box!” In the process of her thinking and doing Robin, invites students and colleagues to join with her in developing her many ideas. A colleague noted that as a new employee, Robin welcomed her in and quickly involved her in numerous community projects. 

Robin was described as having a “rare blend of professional skill and integrity with a playfulness and creativity that made her entirely refreshing to work with.” And, “Robin is collegial, brainy, a big thinker and above all else – kind.”

Congratulations Robin!


Submitted by Sarah Fawcett

Brenda Smith is the Manager of Co-op Education and Employment Services.   Students recognize Brenda for her warm smile and “fantastic personality” and describe her as someone “who cares about the future of each and every student.” Many credit their successes in the program and in their careers to her consistent support and devotion.  One student writes “This inspirational woman has made a huge impact in my college life.” 

Her nominator writes that Brenda “built this program from a humble start to a thriving enterprise.” From the development of the Facebook page to the implementation of the Orbis portal, her efforts continue to improve student experience and build the success of Coop ed. programs and others.  Faculty and staff recognize her as “an excellent ambassador for our college” whose enthusiasm helps students “succeed beyond the confines of Selkirk.”

Within the community, Brenda raises the profile of our college. One community member sums up her contribution (to students, the college, and the community) when he writes “She is the Selkirk College Coop program” He dreads the day he may have to deal with someone other than her because “the bar is so very high they will have to be superman to leap over that bar.”

Congratulations, Brenda!

Submitted by Allison Lutz

Rena Vandenbos is in an instructor in the School of Environment and Geomatics.  She teaches fisheries courses and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) courses.

Students describe Rena as someone who not only taught fish, but better critical thinking skills, encouraged community involvement and helped students feel genuinely supported within and outside of college.  Furthermore, one student stated “she has been a formative part of my college education, and has set an exceptional example of who I’d like to be as a career professional: dedicated, knowledgeable, and personable.”

Both students and faculty recognize Rena’s incredible commitment to professional development as she pursued GIS education at BCIT in Vancouver last year. 

Rena is described by faculty as an exemplary employee through her dedication to her students, her work to improve the programs she teaches in, and her contributions to the overall workings of the college by serving on a number of college committees.

External colleagues state that Rena has made extremely valuable contributions to the science on white sturgeon and that they were privileged to work with her.   Rena is recognized in the community as someone who has tireless energy for pushing students to new understanding and appreciation of work in the environmental field.

Congratulations Rena!

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