Internal Events


March 28: 8th Annual Business Competition

It's business competition time again


The event will include a series of activities including a trade fair, presentations of marketing campaigns, case studies and afternoon judging.

  • Marketing Campaigns: This year's first-year students will present marketing campaigns on behalf of the Digital Arts & New Media year-end show.
  • Trade Fair: Each team will set up a booth in the Pit for a "mock" Trade Fair
  • Case Study Analysis: Second-year business students will analyze a case study -- still very hush-hush. Each team will present their findings and recommendations to the Judges in K-10 during the morning. (First-year students will watch and learn so they know what will be expected of them in their next year.) The second-year teams will be confronted with a significant event that can change everything. Each team will have a limited time to formulate their new recommendations before returning to the panel of judges.
  • Announcement of Winners: Winners will be announced late afternoon in the Staff Lounge. Check out the 2012 Business Case Competition Winners.

Did You Miss Last Year's Competition?

To see pictures from last year, visit the 2012 Business Competition Photo Album.

Great Support From Community & Sponsors

All of this is possible due to our community of judges who offer their time and expertise; sponsors who subsidize the event and raise the stakes for our winning students; sister institutions who offer tuition to our graduating students; and, the efforts of our college, faculty, and students working together.


Learn more about the event at Selkirk College Business Competition Event.