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Media Enhanced Learning

Get Media Savvy for your Classroom


The Media Enhanced Learning course enables participants to create, select, use and justify media, technology and tools for their various teaching and learning environments.

Media Enhanced Learning (PIDP 3240)

  • May 7 from 9 to noon with an initial meeting
  • May 16 and 17 with two days of face-to-face (9-4 p.m.) followed by online learning
  • June 1 wrap up with a class celebration (9-4 p.m.)

Tenth Street Campus, Room P303

media enhanced learning


This course emphasizes the application of media related concepts, copyright laws, media approaches and learning theories in the creation and selection of instructional media. Participants will investigate the current trends and issues, and will work with a wide range of instructional media tools.

To accommodate the busy schedules of instructors, this learning opportunity is offered in a blended format, with two days face-to-face followed by online learning to completion. This workshop is also available for community participation.

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