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Take Your Teaching Up a Notch - Professional Practice

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The Professional Practice course introduces participants to the issues, themes and concepts of effective instruction, instructor competencies, informal and formal assessment and evaluation of instruction, as well as ethics, professionalism and career management.

A central focus of the course is the use of feedback mechanisms to guide instruction and to improve one’s professional practice. Participants are also introduced to the purposes and methods of course evaluation. They will define their vision of effective instruction and design feedback instruments that assess their instructional competencies. Participants will analyze dilemmas and suggest resolutions to the problems that confront many adult educators. Using ethical principles and codes of conduct as reference points, they will strengthen and articulate their understanding of professionalism, which highlights the importance of ethical and professional behavior in their practice. The course also highlights the importance of developing a career management strategy which includes a professional development plan.

The primary instructional strategies for this course include case study, cooperative learning, independent study and reflective writing.

This course is offered face-to-face on the Tenth Street Campus in Nelson on June 8 to 9. An online component follows June 10 to July 9.


The BC Provincial Instructor Diploma Program provides participants with an excellent opportunity to develop and refine their skills, concepts, and best practices to become an adult educator. The PIDP serves a diverse community of current and future adult educators by providing relevant courses.

Registration is handled through VCC. Call the School of Instructor Education at 604.871.7000 ext. 7488 or email their office at

Learn more at Professional Practice (PIDP 3260).