Internal Events


We're opening our doors to the public...

We're welcoming the public so they can check out our campus and discover opportunities available to them at Selkirk College.


The Open House event provides an opportunity for potential students, parents and educators to learn more about the programs offered at Selkirk College.

Come explore Selkirk College, we're opening our doors to the public. Check out the campus and discover the career opportunities that are available to you!


We are asking for School and Programs to participate.

Program Information Table - each program area will have an information table set up and staffed by a representative who can answer specific program, career outcomes, admission and transfer questions.

Each Selkirk program is responsible for organizing and staffing their table. Program areas are welcome to have more than one table.

Programs are encouraged to stage a lab, dress up their table with props or provide other interactive and engaging activities at their table.

Please sign up by October 21 using this form.


For more information about the open house go to